About Us

About Us

Care and Cure Charitable Trust is a global service organization. The foundation and the basis of this movement are based on the courage of conviction, moral leadership and intellectual integrity of its members. We are an Indian based organization which believes in making an interaction as awareness among Indians living across the globe.

CCCT was founded in year 1998 and registered in the year 2000. It is an organization that encourages it to be different and make a difference.

It is a tribute to the essential goodness of mankind that where some forecast a shadow of despair, some derive strength from the perennial spring of human compassion. Virtue always brings good cheer and oneness in the community and make the society a better place to live in love, care, harmony and unity.

The making of CCCT has been tremendously successful and motivated to future progress and projects such as a home for the aged in Mumbai, a home for orphanages in Hyderabad where there are villages in which the moment a baby girl is born they are put to death. A welfare center and community support for counseling, advising and facilitating the need of the people by programs and projects that are educational and social. Today we look forward to the building of a new relationship and a new era of growth of our organization for the nation and her people.

CCCT makes room for everyone regardless of caste, creed, color, background, religion, whether they be rich or poor. We dare to walk with people to meet their goals, a people with great ideas, dynamical ambitions, talent and confidence. Our volunteers are compassionate down to the earth, hardworking and honest....

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